WallslotRobot enables us to construct underground spaces without disruption of above-ground activities.

The concept involves boring micro-tunnels and work from there, largely hidden from the eye of the public.

Amazing: while we work, the city can continue to live its normal life.

Creating underground space anywhere

One aspect of WallslotRobot is plain productivity: you can finish one segment of a wall in just two days (instead of a week using traditional methods) and the neighbouring segment can be excavated consecutively.

Another aspect is humanitarian: WallslotRobot avoids constructors having to send people down the shaft to carry out excavation works in an intimidating tiny space underground. But WallslotRobot is so much more than that.

With the combination of micro-tunnelling and automated excavation, the impossible becomes reality. You can construct large underground parking spaces without the need for a huge excavation ruining your urban space for years. What’s more, WallslotRobot allows you to carry out excavation works below groundwater level, meaning that you avoid subsidence due to draining the site. In short, with WallslotRobot you can create valuable underground space almost anywhere, including beneath historic monuments, busy main roads and bustling marketplaces.

Automated excavation from a micro-tunnel

WallslotRobot is simple but smart. It combines micro-tunnelling with automated trench excavation. First, we bore a 3-metre diameter micro-tunnel and equip it with rails. Then, from an opening in the micro-tunnel, we drive reinforced concrete ctngs (about 1 by 3 metres) into the ground while an excavator attached to the bottom casing digs up the soil. A worker in the micro-tunnel operates a crane and gripper to take up the soil and have it removed via rail. Once the entire shaft is finished, we remove the excavator, put reinforcement bars into the shaft and cast concrete in place.

A new concept in constructing walls underground

In the past few years, Denys has developed a revolutionary semi-automated underground construction concept called WallslotRobot. It is designed to construct 20 to 30-metre walls underground in densely built-up areas where there is limited room for manoeuvre above ground. Think historic town centre in need of extra underground parking space, something like that.